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Cremorne Point Foreshore Walk: A Walk to Remember

A friend once remarked of the Cremorne Point Foreshore Walk, "This is Heaven on Earth!”.  I agree.  I would even compare it to the Garden of Eden.  To believe it, you have to see it for yourself and experience its serenity.

For no images or words can totally capture its breathtaking beauty or describe the tranquil feeling it evokes in you.  As you walk through its winding paths, take the time to appreciate the shimmering blue-green sea and the golden morning sunshine dancing on the emerald foliage.  If you are up for it, take a dip in the lovely ocean pool and picnic on the green grass.  Do not forget to stop at the Lex and Ruby Graham Gardens, sit on a green park bench and listen to the birds chirping, while reflecting on the sublime beauty of nature all around you.  

I will now walk you through the Cremorne Foreshore Walk, solely through the story told via its well-placed signposts and plaques [1].  But remember, reading is not enough.  You must actually take this walk - at least…

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